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North Tulsa has a complicated and complex history. Our community has been counted out for a long time. 

The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre resulted in several hundreds of Black lives lost, Black-owned businesses and homes destroyed, people's livelihoods gone. This destruction led to the loss of millions of dollars of property, and devastated the thriving community of Greenwood, Oklahoma, often referred to as Black Wall Street. In the decades since, the federal policy of urban renewal, (the controversial practice of forcing the poor, mostly African American residents from lower-income areas in inner cities to make way for revitalization), and redlining, (the systematic denial of access to affordable housing to African Americans and other people of color), have kept North Tulsa from adequately returning to its previous glory.

The North Tulsa Complex sets our community on the path to change that.

The North Tulsa Complex will bring economic opportunity, education, and access to services to the North Tulsa community in partnership with local groups and businesses. The 1,000,000 square foot building will be made up of an entrepreneurship hub, retail and service space, event space, and maker space, and will be located in the heart of the Phoenix District in Tulsa next to the new Bus Rapid Transit line that runs north and south along Peoria Avenue across all of Tulsa.

Today, a part of North Tulsa is called the Phoenix District, signifying its anticipated rebirth. Together, with the development of the North Tulsa Complex, and the continued faith and will to overcome, we have the power to live up to that name.

With your help and the assistance of our community partners, volunteers and sponsors, North Tulsa will indeed rise again.


Challenging the social norms of systemic racism by working with community partners to bring opportunities to North Tulsa


Our long-term vision is to eliminate the barriers to financial freedom typically faced by minorities because of marginalization and the effects of systemic racism by developing state of the art spaces for entrepreneurship and economic prosperity in North Tulsa.

The completed multi-use business complex will consist of an entrepreneurship hub, retail and service space, event space and maker space, built in four individual phases respectively; and will serve as a main street attraction in North Tulsa.


The North Tulsa Complex outcomes are tied to the annual Tulsa Equality Indicators Report themes 1, 2 and 6 (economic opportunity, education and access to services, respectively), working with local community partners to positively impact the outcomes of the report in the community we serve.


Each of our programs is carefully designed to deliver meaningful and valuable experiences to its participants. The North Tulsa Complex and its Board strive to bring community-focused opportunities to North Tulsa that focus on three main objectives: economic opportunity, education and access to services.



Kristin Towles



Crystal Patrick

Exec. Director of #racismstinks


Richard Baxter

Partner at Baxter & Baxter


Tracie Chandler

President of Phoenix District

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